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Monday, August 03, 2015

Is it time to scrap mammogram breast screening?

"We're told breast screening saves lives. But that is only one side of the picture.
It also results in some women being treated unnecessarily. That treatment could be breast removal or radiotherapy.
For every life saved by screening, more lives are potentially harmed.
So are New Zealand women being told the whole story?"

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I've been saying this for years: "Breast mammograms are largely a waste of time, subjecting thousands of women to cancer-causing radiation and to unnecessary radical medical interventions, including mastectomy, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, due to overdiagnosis".

This view is based on careful reading of the growing body of evidence that these breast screening programmes do more harm than good.

Here is the link to some of the articles I have written.

There are safe and effective alternatives:

More information relevant to the TV3 documentary:

Canadian research on the absolute benefits of screening:

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