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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Skin Keratosis treatment

I saw your keratosis treatment videos on the web and was impressed. I have 2 quick questions for you.

1. Did your regime of flax oil also get rid of the plain old normal age spots on your hands and face?
2. What makes the NZ flax oil so much better than the flax oils that I can find in a health food store?
3. What time frame did it take to clear up your keratosis?
Gary responds:
Andrew, the skin cancers on my ears, hands and face have now all dropped off. I have yet to do an updated video which will show it.  I was going to the skin specialist about every 2nd year to have them burned off and they were getting worse each year which was a huge worry.

Since producing the first video, I have done several other measures which are all contributing to a dramatic improvement in my skin health.

I have been taking daily Agewise Conezyme Q-10 and a powerfull antioxidant called Lifestream Astazan along with the flax oil.

In addition, I have switched from a low fat diet to one that includes fresh natural fats including raw milk which comes direct from an organically reared cow which we have shares in.  This has been an important change in diet.  

I have also been taking Active Elements Tissue salts and increased my intake of pyridoxine by way of a natural vitamin B supplement (Nutra-Life Ener B).  Pyridoxine is used as a topical treatment for skin kerastosis.  Treating from the inside to the outside is my choice.

While I used to dab the flax seed onto the affected parts, I no longer do this since there are no areas needing treatment, other than one very small patch on my right hand.

Low fat diet = Bad skin

About Waihi Bush Flax Oil
The NZ flax oil is grown and processed in South Canterbury of the South Island.  It is organic and fresh, delviered direct to my office.  The oil is specially sealed in black plastic bottles and all air is displaced by nitrogen.  The actual life of the oil is at least a year longer than the expiry date so long as the bottle remains sealed and in a cool place.

Flax oil is a lovely oil that does not need to be taken in capsules.  The best value is the 500ml bottles which gnerally can be found for about $30 (less from me). 

NB: Still consult a skin cancer specialist if you have suspiscious bits and pieces of skin.  If they turn out to be at the low end of risk, then try this regime for about a year and see what happens.  You can still do this regime even if other treament is necessary.

If in doubt - Cut it out!
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Wayne said...

and coconut oil with greens and vitamin K?
an image just sprung to mind Gary of you with a bucket hand milking daisy the cow as she kicks you and hte bucket over he he he he